High School Musicalling - More awesome than planking and owling!

I’ve started thinking about expressing myself in photograph. And I’ve been thinking about how other people express themselves in photographs. I have to say that I’m quite sad that I didn't cotton on to the idea of planking sooner. Planking is awesome. Owling is cool too, but less cool than planking. I have done a lot of traveling and there are a lot of places where I wish I had planked, but it’s too late now. I did take photos of my plastic lawn ornament, Rodrigo, in all of those places so at least I wasn't completely boring. I may have missed those trends, but in terms of roaming gnomes and other world-traveling lawn ornaments, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the most successful flamingoers in the world. (See this)

I may have failed at planking and owling, but when I think about it, there is one pose that I have overused and it's pretty cool. - It's the High School Musical pose (at least that’s what I named it, but I’m pretty sure they made it famous.) It’s the best pose! It's got to be up there with planking and owling, but it has a bad rap - Probably because it's associated with the Disney movie.

No one ever looks like they’re not having fun in the High School Musical Pose. Kinda like no one ever looks like they are having fun when they're planking. Planking is a liar! 

Planking is also easy, High School Musicalling is hard. The more people, the better it looks, but the harder to coordinate: 

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

So here is my homage to the most underused underrated pose of all the overused over-rated poses in the world: (I'm going to refer to it as a "photo journal" to sound like a grown up.) 

High School Musicalling
My life in mid-air


And my favourite:



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