How to Cook a Crayfish

So, based on the name of this blog "Sharon's Travels" (I'm thinking of changing it), it probably comes as no surprise that this was originally intended to be a …wait for it… a travel blog! I know, I know. It was my intention for 2012 to run the eff away and document my adventures here, but that was not meant to be. Fortunately, the year did not come to an end without me getting to use my passport one whole time and so here is the first of what may or may not be a series of stories from my recent Mozambique trip (in the form of a recipe):

7 x Johannesburgers
1 x sense of adventure
1 x Lawn Flamingo

  1. Barter with the Portuguese-speaking fishermen in broken English, mime, pictionary and whatever words you know in French, Spanish and German to purchase a crayfish.
  2. Name him. – We went with “George”.
  3. Keep him alive in a bucket of sea water – ideally a castle-shaped one – until you work up an appetite.
  4. Take him for walks on the beach, while you change his water.
  5. Take him home – try to avoid spilling salt water in the car – and try to keep his creepily long antennae from touching squeamish friends – Or don’t: whatever’s most entertaining really.
  6. Replace the salt water with tap water without realizing that’s actually what you’re supposed to do to get him to go into a “coma” so he doesn't scream at you during step seven.
  7. Look, no don’t look, don’t look! while the person whose idea this was places George in a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes until light pink and no longer trying to escape.
  8. Consult the neighbours.
  9. Remove his bowel parts as advised.
  10. Remember George in your prayers: “Please bless him to our bodies”.
  11. And serve.
 Dedicated to George – he was a good crayfish – and delicious.



  1. I've missed your blog! Your exile in Johannesburg is our loss!

    - Austin

  2. Thanks Austin. When are you coming to visit us?


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