My cat is also cuter than your baby

I have been told that my blog is funny despite its name "Sharon's Travels". Thanks (you know who you are). I will acknowledge that the problem with its (unfunny) name is that it implies it is something that it is not - It has an identity crisis. It was supposed to be a travel blog, but yeah, I don’t really get to do much of that. I maintain that by “travels” I’m referring to my metaphorical journey through my life but, hmmm, who am I kidding? So, since the name is already misleading I've decided to turn it into a cat blog! Yes!

Cat’s dominate the internet. Anyone with a Facebook account knows that!
“Catblogging” is a legitimate term mentioned in wikipedia’s glossary of blogging terms. I started a board on pinterest for “Cat’s in clothes” and it by far has more followers than any of my other boards. I did this because it’s hilarious - wrong, sad, just not okay, but damn funny. …I just don’t know that any of my followers have the same warped sense of humour - I think they're just warped. But clearly, what the internet needs is more cats!

The real inspiration for this shift is a feline originally known as “Kamikaze”. I work for an aviation based NGO (Flying for Life). Over the Christmas holidays a cat snuck into our hanger and used one of our planes for a delivery of her own:

"We said no littering on the plane!"
When we came back after our vacation in January, Kamikaze (2 weeks old and walking like a drunk), was mysteriously found meowing on the hanger floor.

That led us to the nearest plane and the rest of the litter. That was the first time (that we know of) that she fell out of the plane, but not the last – hence the name - and she continues to prove that actually, cats don’t always land on all fours...

Apart from her base-jumping tendencies, in her seven short weeks on this planet so far, she has managed to part with more of her nine lives. In week five, mommy brought the litter a rat (she was weaning them). - Except when they tore this thing to pieces there was rat poison in its stomach. She cost me vet bills before I even took her home. On her first day alone in my place, she managed to destroy my fairy lights and trip my electricity. She’s not afraid of thunder or my ridiculously loud hairdryer, but the beeping of the microwave is terrifying.

We like to think that we adopt our pets but, let’s face it, sometimes they adopt us. So, me, the girl who was too much of a commitment-phobe to buy a bathmat even a year ago, ended up with a this creature. She has now been renamed “Beast” because of the destruction she has caused, and also because every time I stand still in my skinny jeans I become a human Velcro wall.

She’s tiny and vicious and awesome! Who wouldn't want to read post after post of her climbing out of a box, or climbing my curtains (again) or playing with her ball? She's every spinsters dream-cat! She has more character in her front left paw than most cat bloggers have in their bodies!

 I read some other cat blogs for inspiration for future posts and yeah, I have to say that there are a lot of really sad ladies out there - not because they put really lame phrases on pictures they have taken of their own cats that are not in any way remotely funny, but because they put really lame phrases on pictures they have taken of their cats that are not in any way remotely funny and still have 3000 followers!

But yes, after a little while of reading cat blogs, I was depressed. That is the main reason why I've decided to keep this a plastic lawn ornament and "my general thoughts about life" blog. Oh wait, there’s another reason: because I like boys – human ones!

It seems a low blow to ridicule cat ladies and that’s not what I’m trying to do, but I have to say that I have this weird insecurity that just having a cat makes me less dateable. I think as long as I can avoid an unhealthy obsession with them, not take them everywhere I go, and as long as I don’t start assigning human characteristics to them, I should be okay. - At least that’s what Rodrigo says anyway.

Rodrigo and Beast


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