Evan more adventures in Nassau

Sometimes the best adventures happen when you don’t really have a plan. That might have something to do with having low expectations. After we succeeded in our quest to find the Queen’s staircase, when my fellow cruise staff member Evan and I, found some more time off, we thought we’d embark on another one, we just weren't really sure what kind. Our most recent escapade started where many others do: Duncan Donuts. Armed with a vanilla-bean milkshake thing and somewhat disgruntled by our ever-fuller work schedules, we then headed to the Pirate Museum across the road to do some research on how to stage a mutiny.

Nassau was established by pirates back in the day and it was said that “when a pirate slept he dreamt not of heaven, but instead that he had returned to New Providence (the island Nassau is on).” I'm guessing they never made it to Mexico?

Evan got really into the exhibits. No really, he got into them. I’m amazed they didn’t kick us out …or make us walk the plank or something. -Although I did learn that that was really rare and pretty much only happened once.  

On the whole it was educational, it was fun and we made new friends. Rodrigo met a dead goat, Evan petted a dead dog and I tried to find Nicole (If you don’t know who that is read this) a pirate boyfriend. 


After that, we wandered the back-streets. We stumbled upon the Pink House, the Bahamian answer to the white house. (I forgot where that was), and then we wandered through a residential area. We found some very non-touristy old derelict houses like the ones I used to dream about, have a strange obsession with and always feel the need to photograph.

Then we found this really cool completely empty hotel and restaurant. It was very surreal. It was furnished and decked out with retro ceiling fans and no people. It also had a restaurant/dining room with ivy growing through the ceiling, all the places set but no one eating. Apparently, it has a chocolate factory and a Cuban cigar factory on the premises, but we only got as far as the “beer garden” and courtyard where we found a hummingbird in a nest in a chandelier and more eeriness. It was awesome!!

Then we found a sign for the John Watling’s Distillery where they give free tours and more importantly (to Evan, spring breakers and normal people in general who are not me) free rum tasting! I broke out my “Teetotaler at a distillery” face especially for the occasion - similar to my “Teetotaller at a brewery" face of Europe trip 2011. 

"Teetotaler at a Distillery" - 2014
"Teetotaler at a Brewery" - 2011

After learning about how rum was made we sat and drank soda and chatted to this really awesome five years sober bartender named Bill (I think that’s what it was?) before taking the backroads back in the general direction of the ship. 

Every time we dock here and I am scheduled on “Breakfast Mingle” (Yes, I get paid to talk to people while they are eating breakfast #bestjobever), I always meet people who have been here at least three times already and will probably just stay onboard because there is nothing left to see. Those people obviously haven’t been to Duncan Donuts!

In other news:

Who’s a Vacation Hero? I am!
What is “Vacation hero,” you ask? It’s like employee of the month. And I won it. I’m good at my job like that. Following your dreams is the scariest thing in the world, because if you fail at them you fail at you. Some days I still can’t believe I’m here, let alone the fact that I don’t suck at it. Yay me!

We had some fun crew parties
First, there was the St. Patrick’s day party. We wore green. There was free beer. 
Then there was the back to school party. I haven’t been to one of those since the last time I was on a ship. - Pretty much wore the same thing. It also happens to be the same outfit I wore to work that one time in Joburg when I was trying to look like Britney Spears for our popstar Halloween dress-up day that I didn’t know had been cancelled. Fortunately, this time I was not the only one dressed as a sexy school girl.

I went to a leadership luncheon
They ‘invited’ (in a completely non-optional way of course) representatives from different departments, gave us sushi and cheesecake and then we discussed the problems of the crew. “Damn those uncomfortable safety shoes! Captain, please pass the salt? And yes, I really think ponies on deck 13 would improve crew morale.” 

I saw Monica
When I first joined the ship I met a girl in the hotel from South Africa who upstaged my lawn flamingo with a life-size Halloween scarecrow. She travelled on the Sky to the private Island where I have run into her countless times since while working and playing there. She signed back onto the ship this cruise after her 5-month contract (wait, what?) and is now headed home on vacation. But while she was on board I forced her to put on heels (exactly the same kind I bought from Ackermans before coming here - ha!), and we ate to dinner and went to the White Hot Party. The next day we hung out in Nassau where we jumped off a pier, drank cocktails, took random pictures and she stalked ‘hot’ older shirtless men from the rock charter cruise on the ship docked next to us. Fun times. If you’re reading this, Monica, have a great vacation.  

And that’s it from me for now.

42 cruises down, 10 to go!
Aviators spotted during embarkation gangway duty last cruise: Only 23 



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