Photo blog: Halloween

I wanted to be a princess riding a unicorn for Halloween but apparently there isn't one of those in Batman (The Cruise Staff theme) so I had to go as a sexy cat instead. 

Somewhere in a parallel universe: Gay Batman and Cat-lady Woman:

Our Cruise Director always has a smile on his face:

 Some highlights from the guest party:

Only two of these DJ’s are employed on this ship, can you guess which one isn’t?

And then the crew party:

This is why you always wear your PPE:

Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of a team.

The two coolest superheroes ever:

That awkward moment when someone has the same costume as you.

If you're going to come dressed as a bigger shower than the ones we have in our cabins, people are going to take advantage.

The only roach I've seen on the Getaway.

And now we know who's been steeling cutlery from the mess.


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