“It’s A’ight” and other actual comments from ignorant tourists on their first visit to Cuba

by - September 03, 2018

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There are people in this world who enjoy travelling and then there are people in this world who think they enjoy travelling but they don’t. In my line of work, I meet a lot of American guests who leave America on an American cruise ship, to spend days eating American food and enjoying American entertainment, so that they can go outside in another country to find the first Hooters, Burger King, or - if they’re really adventurous - Margaritaville for lunch and then come back to the ship to complain about everything that was not American enough for them i.e. The language, the music, the poverty. I'm by no means saying that all American tourists are like this, not at all, I'm just saying that these people exist …and these people should not go to Cuba. 

Below are some of the comments I’ve heard that leave me wondering if we just spent the day in the same place:

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Havana Cuba - Depressing third world country

cute convertibles - Havana

Havana, Cuba

Havana Beach, Cuba

El Capitolio street view

Havana street art

El Capitolio, Habana - Greengo quote

Don't be like those people. Go to Cuba. Take an open mind.

43 cruises down, 9 more to go
Reasons to go to Cuba: 37649082655436797652782 (approximately)

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