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A crew member’s Christmas:

A guide to cruise ship holiday traditions 
All cultures that celebrate Christmas have their own traditions. Cruise ship culture is no different. A lot of people choose to go on cruises over the Christmas period, because it’s a great way to spend time with family without anyone having to bear the burden of cooking or cleaning. The cruise lines pull out all the stops to give their guests a great Christmas experience, with their own distinct brand of cruise ship traditions. Then, to boost the morale of crew members who are working harder than usual, while also being away from their families over the holidays, there is a second layer of behind-the-scenes traditions.

If you have worked onboard over the festive season, below is a list of some of the traditions you have inevitably experienced:

1. An elaborate gingerbread village. 
Every year, the pastry chefs whip up a masterpiece for the guests. As a crew member, you will somehow sneak a photograph of it, even though cellphones are not allowed …

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