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About the blogger 

About the Sharonicles

Hi. I'm Sharon, a full-time freelance writer and content creator who focuses on travel and humour. After five years as a cruise ship entertainment host, I am now trying to adjust to life on land with itchy feet. (That is an expression but cruise ships will literally give you Athletes Foot, just FYI.) 

Travel blogger on Table Mountain, Cape Town

Born and raised in Johannesburg, I am now exploring my new home city of Cape Town (and hopefully a number of more land-locked locations throughout the rest of the world too). If I happen to end up back on a cruise ship though, I don’t think anyone will be that surprised!

Travel mascot and statue in Halifax, Canada

To find out more about my travel aspirations read this: 


About the Blog

You know those travel blogs that are full of useful information, perfectly formulated to be picked up by search engines, but completely lacking soul? 
This is not one of those blogs. 

I originally started the Sharonicles when I went to work on cruise ships, as a means of staying in touch with my family. As I worked as a writer prior to my seafaring days, I also wanted to continue developing my other passion. Over time, this blog evolved into something of an online portfolio. It continues to get me writing work that pays my bills, so I don’t have to try to convince readers, like you, to give me your money so that I can show you how you too can make money through your own travel blog. Don’t you hate those?

Cruise ship crew members on beach

Here, I share advice, opinions and anecdotes revealing the funny side of travel from my experiences on five continents and a number of seas.

If you are interested in collaborations or sponsored posts, check out my writing services and media stuff page. 
If you are looking for a copywriter or content writer who actually has a personality, also check out my writing services and media stuff page. 
And, if you want to know, “Seriously, what's with the flamingo?", there's a page for that too.

Face-planting in front of the Reichstag

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Welcome to the Sharonicles

The Sharonicles is a travel humour blog by a South African travel writer. With six years of experience as a cruise ship crew member, her travels on ships and on land have taken her to 57 countries on five different continents.  She photographs a plastic flamingo called 'Rodrigo' on her adventures because it seemed like a good idea ten years ago and it’s probably too late to turn back now. She also likes unicorns, carbs and referring to herself in third-person.

Here she shares advice, opinions and anecdotes revealing the funny side of travel from her experiences. 

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True stories about trying to find trolls in 
Norway, toilets in Denmark 
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