About the Sharonicles

About the Sharonicles


Hi. I'm Sharon, a full-time freelance writer and content creator who focuses on travel and humour. After five years as a cruise ship entertainment host, I am now trying to adjust to life on land with itchy feet. (That is an expression but cruise ships will literally give you Athletes Foot, just FYI.) 

Travel blogger on Table Mountain, Cape Town

Born and raised in Johannesburg, I am now exploring my new home city of Cape Town (and hopefully a number of more land-locked locations throughout the rest of the world too). If I happen to end up back on a cruise ship though, I don’t think anyone will be that surprised!

Travel mascot and statue in Halifax, Canada

To find out more about my travel aspirations read this: 



You know those travel blogs that are full of useful information, perfectly formulated to be picked up by search engines, but completely lacking soul? 
This is not one of those blogs. 

Cruise ship crew members on beach

Here, I share advice, opinions and anecdotes revealing the lighter side of travel from my experiences on five continents and a number of seas (58 countries in total).

If you are interested in collaborations, sponsored posts, or generating some publicity for your travel brand, check out the WORK WITH ME page. And, if you want to know, “Seriously, what's with the flamingo?", there's a page for that too.

Face-planting in front of the Reichstag

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