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The Sharonicles is media-friendly and open to media trips, event invitations and reviews, as well as collaborations, within reason. I am always 100% transparent if I have anything to gain from a post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

If you are interested in marketing opportunities, sponsorships or collaborations, please feel free to contact me here, through my social media platforms (at the bottom of this page) or through my Webfluential account. 

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Street art in Cartagena, Colombia

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As a freelance writer,  travel content takes up the majority of my time, however,  I have written emails, app content, website content, corporate video scripts, business proposals, magazine articles, Facebook posts, blogs, music video treatments, television promos, brochures, roadshow scripts and press releases.  My experience includes an animated feature film treatment, a documentary about a church organ and a number of articles and columns for different travel publications. For South African readers, I also managed to complete an episode of Tswelopele Production's Top Billing (flighted in November 2013) without using the word 'palatial' even once!

I often work for international clients. As a native English speaker located in a Third World country, the exchange rate often enables me to provide quality content at a First World standard at an affordable price. 

Should you require the services of a freelance writer, please feel free to contact me here, or through any of my social media platforms. 


A Sharonicles blog post entitled, “One more contract and I’m done!”, went viral at the end of 2018. It was picked up by Lonely Planet Pathfinders and has now been read close to 100 000 times.

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Welcome to the Sharonicles

The Sharonicles is a travel humour blog by a South African travel writer. With six years of experience as a cruise ship crew member, her travels on ships and on land have taken her to 57 countries on five different continents.  She photographs a plastic flamingo called 'Rodrigo' on her adventures because it seemed like a good idea ten years ago and it’s probably too late to turn back now. She also likes unicorns, carbs and referring to herself in third-person.

Here she shares advice, opinions and anecdotes revealing the funny side of travel from her experiences. 

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