You found Rodrigo!

Rodrigo is a plastic lawn flamingo that has been travelling the world since 2010 and has since been to 54 countries/territories.  He was made in China, purchased in the U.S.A and when he's not transiting the globe in his human's carryon, he resides in a potplant in South Africa. 

His human hopes that by using him to draw attention to the resilience of plastic, people will produce less of it.

If you are on this page it is probably because you have found one of these stickers: 

Soweto, Johannesburg

Muizenburg, Cape Town

They can be found in different destinations around the world that Rodrigo has visited. 

Please tell us where you spotted Rodrigo (or one of his stickers)? 
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Keep a lookout for him on your travels. You never know where he may pop up:

Ethiopian Airways safety instructions 

Sari shop in Jaipur

Since you're here anyway, why not have a look around?