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The underrated magnificence of obscure Mexican small towns

When tourists vacation in Mexico they usually go to Cancun or Cozumel, Cabo or maybe Mexico City (that Day of the Dead scene in that James Bond movie did make it look cool). Sometimes though, it's really nice to go somewhere really obscure. There’s something about ‘Tourist coldspots’ that is actually quite special. 

I recently visited friends in the town of Los Mochis Mexico, and being possibly the only tourist in town made me feel really special. As the only white girl around with green eyes, I got a fair amount of attention. I felt like a Kardashian and no one in my family even had to make a sex tape! I was there for two weeks and we never ran out of things to do or sights to see. There were no lines, no annoying people posing in all of the cliched ways I’ve vented about before, with all of the confidence (or arrogance) of a supermodel (with all of 300 Instagram followers) in front of everything worth seeing (hashtag: “#model”). It was wonderful!

If you’re looking for a quiet holi…

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Sharon Waugh

Sharon is a writer, cruise ship entertainment host and freelance unicorn wrangler. She is currently taking a break from her seafaring adventures to explore some more landlocked locations from her homebase in Johannesburg, South Africa. She likes to photograph a plastic lawn flamingo 'Rodrigo' on her travels because it seemed like a good idea ten years ago and 53 countries later, it’s probably too late to turn back now.

 Sharon greatly dislikes reading 'travel blogs' by people who are just rephrasing press releases or composing lists like '15 ways to travel the world for cheap', specifically formulated for SEO, with absolutely no evidence that the writers have ever left their bedrooms. (This is not one of those blogs.) Sharon also dislikes bigotry and referring to herself in first person, apparently.

To find out more about Sharon and Rodrigo’s travel aspirations read this.

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