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The top 18 travel mascots to follow

The most enviable inanimate objects in the world
The first recorded act of ‘gnoming’ (the act of stealing a garden gnome, photographing it around the world, and returning it with photos) happened in Sydney, Australia, in the 1980s. When the story made the news, the prank gained popularity. In 2001, the French film Amelie also made reference to the prank. It was also the inspiration behind the ‘Roaming Gnome’ advertising campaign by Travelocity, where their gnome is photographed in different locations around the world. Other lawn ornaments that have since made headlines for being ‘gnomed’ include: Murphy / BarringtonLeopold the travelling gnome and "Gnome" Seversonto name a few. 

This is probably what inspired me, and many others, to do the same, or at least something similar.  Anyone who is familiar with this blog knows about Rodrigo, my travel mascot. Nine years ago I bought him in the discount section of Target for $2.50 because I always wanted a plastic lawn flamingo and …

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Sharon Waugh

Sharon is a writer, cruise ship entertainment host and freelance unicorn wrangler, living it up on the high seas. She also likes to photograph a plastic lawn flamingo in exotic locations because it seemed like a good idea 10 years ago and 53 countries later, it’s probably too late to turn back now.

 Sharon greatly dislikes reading “travel blogs” by people who are just rephrasing press releases or composing lists like “15 ways to travel the world for cheap”, specifically formulated for SEO, with absolutely no evidence that the writer has ever left their bedroom. (This is not one of those blogs.) Sharon also dislikes bigotry and referring to herself in first person, apparently.

To find out more about Sharon and Rodrigo’s travel aspirations read this.