The day I finally got arrested

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Okay, so I didn’t really get myself into trouble with the law. I’m such a goodie-goodie that I will start by apologising for misleading you with the title of this blog. This story might not be as exciting as you hoped, but since you’re here anyway you might as well read on…

High school musicalling at Chacchoben
As I have mentioned before, when it comes to overused poses I may have missed the boat when it came to owling and planking, but I made HighSchool Musicalling quite my thing (To the right is my latest failed attempt). Somewhere in my travels though, I met a very strange lady who had a friend who had a different kind of pose that she would use in the places she visited. Her ‘thing’ was that wherever she went she would find members of the local police and get them to pretend to arrest her for photos. That sounded like just the type of bandwagon I wanted to jump on. So, I did. …Well, I tried.  …And mostly failed. 

In my own travels I have asked various officials on many occasions to fake arrest me (Never ever the TSA - Don’t eff with the TSA!) and most of the time they wont even agree to be photographed. When they do agree, they wont go along with my suggested pose and instead usually smile for the photo. I try to look like I’m in trouble but it never works. 

Here’s a look at all of my awkward successful attempts at photographing the authorities but failed attempts at getting fake arrested over the years:

Johannesburg, South Africa 2012

Costa Maya, Mexico, a few weeks ago.

Yes, that’s all two of them! I can see why getting fake arrested never caught on like owling, planking or high school musicalling. 

Then, last week on the beach in Honduras I tried again. And not only did the Honduran cops agree but they broke out the handcuffs and everything!!  I was so excited it was hard not to ruin the photo. 

I think I’m done now. I’ll stick to high school musicalling. And I probably wont use that photo for my linked-in profile. 

In other news

Tea is scarce
It’s getting serious. I haven’t seen an English Breakfast teabag in a few weeks (apart from the stash I stole) and my supplies are depleting. I think I made a contact who has arranged a shipment from South Africa (with a signing on crew member) in a few weeks, in exchange for something I can’t mention here incase our Entertainment Admin is reading this. (Matt is very precious about our prizes so it’s definitely not that. Definitely not a water bottle and some invaluable Key Ring Light Thingies). I just have to hang in there a bit longer.

Easter was cool
I don’t know why, but the death and resurrection of Jesus is always celebrated on ships by skanking it up for a Play Boy bunny party. I went. I wore bunny ears but I also wore clothes so they kind of cancel each other out. I attempted to go to a cabin party after that. It may have been the most well-attended cabin party I’ve ever been (I counted 23 people in the space of an average land-based bathroom at one time). On Easter Sunday somehow the Easter Bunny did not find my cabin - probably because I moved cabins that day - but his cousins the dust bunnies did! They have since been evicted along with the contents of my nostrils. - There’s a beautiful image for you! I guess I’ll just have to buy my own chocolate.   

Play Boy bunny party

Post Play Boy bunny party cabin party.

I have a new roommate
Her name is Bei and she’s lovely. Well actually Lovely is Lovely (that’s for realzies the name of another girl in the Cruise Staff) but Bei is super nice and fun to live with. She likes unicorns so we get along well.

Rodrigo and I went to the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins 
Last week in the port of Costa Maya we joined some of our Youth Counselor friends in exploring and high school musicalling in some mayan ruins dating back to 1000BC. We didn’t want to pay for our own tour guide so we tried to tag along with some of the other tours to hear about the significance of what we were seeing but Andrea had a selfie-stick so we got a bit distracted. We were also joined by some guy named Tim who was training the YC’s on their circus programme (they teach kids how to do tricks and perform them as part of the entertainment they offer). He likes to take photos of himself juggling in exotic locations. I know, right? Some people are just weird!

Rodrigo and 'Tim' at Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

It’s almost time to pack away the bikinis
We have one more cruise in the Caribbean before the Barbie beach towel is put away and the unicorn jersey comes out. Well, there’s another 19 day repositioning cruise in between where we go to lots of fun places like Colombia and San Francisco, but after that my SPF 50 consumption is likely to decrease quite a bit.  We’re currently preparing for that cruise at the moment. It seems I’m going to be the Trivia Princess responsible for the highly competitive and really taken almost too seriously progressive Trivia tournament. I’m excited about that. I’m sad to see the end of our Caribbean run but everyone tells me I’ll love Alaska. I hope they’re right.

And that’s about it. My life rocks!

6.5 Cruises down, roughly 19.5 more to go
Dust Bunnies obliterated during cabin move: 147 million 

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