20 of the strangest things I've photographed on my travels

(...and what they say about the places they're from. )

1. Nothing says “Got Milk?” like taxidermy cows.

The Azores, Portugal

2. Bicycle helmets with what? My car doesn't even have airbags!

Stockholm, Sweden

3. Well, that could cause some confusion...

Cozumel, Mexico

4. What other souvenir would best remind you of your stay in a real-life European medieval fairytale town?

Tallinn, Estonia

5. The bearded dog lady is my style icon.

Stockholm, Sweden

6.They should probably relook at their branding.

Warnemünde, Germany

8. Chicken or bear?

Tallinn, Estonia

9. Funken Lunch? Well, I am funken hungry!

Stockholm, Sweden

10. Okay, either I don’t get it, or Finland is taking a while to catch on to the whole inspirational quote thing.

Helsinki, Finland

11. Someone's having a fat day!

Bergen, Norway

12. Bless you!

Warnemünde, Germany

13. An anatomically correct unicorn? Because when it comes to unicorns, it’s important to stay true to science.

Bergen, Norway

14. They just can't understand why they haven't gotten post in years.

Christiania, Denmark

15. The world's scariest bench.

Flåm, Norway

16. Vandalism? Ooh burn!

Tampa, USA

17. Evidence of Smurfs?

Flåm, Norway

17. I’m one of those girls who likes to go to the bathroom in groups, but this is pushing it.

St. Petersburg, Russia

18. Finally, a whole museum exhibit with sound effects to answer to that burning question that’s been plaguing your mind for years: What did the vikings use for toilet paper?

The Viking Museum, Dublin, Ireland

19. "Can you help the passengers find the lifeboats?" Nothing inappropriate or slightly awkward about this "Titanic experience" children's activity.

Cobh, Ireland

20. Yay! The "eternal death" float at the Junkanoo parade. How festive!

Nassau, Bahamas




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