The furry mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Furries going through the Bermuda triangle

After years of skirting around the bottom side of the Bermuda Triangle, when our ship was scheduled to reposition from Boston to Puerto Rico, I was really excited about the prospect of going directly through the middle. I, however, completely underestimated just how far west Bermuda is (the top corner in the map below) and when I did my geometry, I realised we would just be going down the right side. Having said that, this was still the closest I had come to actually go through the middle.

I created this map because I like visual aids: 

cruise ships and the Bermuda triangle

The routes are just a guess. I’m not actually sure how close to the centre we got because this is all I could see on the map channel: 

How very convenient that that was not working this cruise! Or was that part of it? In the past, the disappearance of ships and aircraft had been attributed to local magnetic abnormalities affecting compasses, maybe it affects satellites too? Okay, it’s been like that for weeks, but still!

The fact that I am writing this to you is evidence of the fact that we did not get sucked into a wormhole, there were no parallel dimensions with unicorns (unless this is one and I just haven’t realised it yet…), we were not eaten by giant squid, we did not discover the lost city of Atlantis and there were no extraterrestrial beings or supernatural events …well, there were no supernatural events anyway. Fortunately, some weird stuff happened, otherwise I would have been quite disappointed. 

What we did end up with some interesting guests: Furries. 11 of them. People who like to dress up like this: 

Furry cruise

…and do stuff. Adult stuff. Yeah, it’s a fetish thing, apparently. Fortunately, they behaved in public. 
- And the kids frikkin loved them!

Just grabbing a drink in the champagne bar …as one does. 

The one day I was late for bingo because I saw this guy trying on a whole bunch of hats (on his antlers) in the gift shop. 

A lot of people asked if we were paying them to do this. No, no, we weren’t. We just live in a world where North Korea and their nuclear weapons is a thing, ISIS is a thing, and now, this is what people do for fun. 
True story. 

Not fans of the water apparently

In a completely unrelated event, there was also a merman in the pool at our deck party. I didn’t get a photograph but he was very pretty. 

We have now completed our repositioning to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we will continue to cruise along the bottom side of the triangle for the rest of the season. Whether or not this will bring an end to the strange occurrences witnessed this week, remains to be seen. I hope not. 

In other news 

Rodrigo has now been to 43 countries. 
This week we added Antigua and Barbuda (that’s one country) and St. Lucia (that’s another) to his list of countries visited. A lot of our ports changed as a result of the bad hurricanes earlier this year, and some that we visited before were replaced by ones we haven’t. It looks like we are likely to hit 50 by the end of the year (which is approaching frighteningly fast).
Rodrigo in St. Lucia

Halloween was awesome 
Remember when I wanted to be a princess riding a unicorn for Halloween three years ago but then the Cruise Staff decided to go with the Batman theme so I had to dress like a sexy cat instead? Well, this year I got my wish. Sadly, I lost the crew costume competition to “Gay Pizza”. How? I don’t know. 

I'm NEVER taking this off

Even Rodrigo got really into Halloween this year:

Evil Rodrigo - Naval cemetery, Bermuda. 

16 cruises down, 8 more to go
Baby miniature giant squid a.k.a. “squid” spotted lately: 5

Look at those freaky things! - Even the ocean got into Halloween this year.

Do you have any conspiracy theories to explain the non-furry mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle? If so, post them in the comment section below.

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