Local and International Artists CoAct/CoLLab on new public Art for IPAF 2024

 IPAF Public Art Festival, Cape Town, 2024

The 2024 International Public Art Festival is officially upon us, which means that Cape Town is in the process of receiving some new and exciting works of public art. This year’s theme of “CoAct/CoLLab” is intended to inspire “connection through communal action and creative alliance”. 

The Company’s Garden is the focal point for this year’s festival which is said to be an “immersive public art experience”, but public art projects will emanate across the Cape Town CBD and will remain long after the festival is over. 

Cape Town mural by artist Maye from a former IPAF

The festival started on Wednesday 14 February and runs until 18 February. If you head out there this weekend, you can collect a self-guided art route map or book a street art tour with a trained guide at the festival hub at the Company’s Garden to go see the art in the making.

Some of the people creating work for this year’s festival include local artists: Vanessa Teodoro, Mars and Ellena Lourens, as well as international artist CRBZ from Switzerland. Another internationally acclaimed artist making a contribution is ROA from Belgium whose art focuses on animals and rodents. I remember seeing some of his work in Miami a few years ago:

Mural by ROA in Miami 


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I don’t know what ROA is painting in Cape Town but I really hope it’s our magnificent and underrated national treasure: The Dassie! 

If you don't manage to make it out there this weekend, BAZ ART does offer insightful street art walking tours, like the one I did of Woodstock / Salt River

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